How science fictional. The lab pictured above is at the University of Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. Authorities are now on guard against the risk of mail-bombs being sent to the facility because of its position as a leader in the development of nanotechnology. The NY capital region has of late been recognized as being pivotal in the nanotech boom.

Strangely, a Mexican group of “scientific activists”/terrorists has been sending explosives around the world to harm scientists who work in this almost magically weird (think quantum physics) and complex scientific field. The group is also linked to attacks in Spain, Chile and France, other centers where such research and development occur. Several people were injured. So far, nobody in the U.S. has received a bomb from this shadowy group calling itself “Individuals Tending to Savagery.” Authorities believe the knowledge demonstrated by the would-be savages mark them as possible academics, and universities in target regions have been asked to step up security. Earlier this month the group claimed responsibility in online manifestos for two pipe-bomb attacks in Mexico. These manifestos praised the “Unabomber,” Ted Kaczynski.

Nanotech is fascinating business and often called one of the most potentially world-changing of futuristic technologies. There are certain fears about it all becoming a sort of Pandora’s box of “grey goo” overwhelming existent life forms, or gabillions of little metal nano-flies and nano-excavators and nano-sperm sorters producing out of control. We are talking about tiny nanoscopic critters designed to enter bloodstreams and doctor us, and intended for other queer missions, too. That’s bound to flip people out. Here is, by all accounts, a very useful and less critter-like creation called a “nanotube:”


From the Times Union of Albany, we have a sample of the manifested philosophy of these mad bombers with elaborate fears that may be well-founded:

“When these modified viruses affect the way we live through a nano-bacteriological war, unleashed by some laboratory error or by the explosion of nano-pollution that affects the air, food, water, transport, in short the entire world, then all of those who defend nanotechnology and don’t think it is a threat will realize that it was a grave error to let it grow out of control,” a statementĀ said.

The group left a note with the bomb it placed on the campus of the Polytechnical University of Mexico Valley that stated “Open fire on the development of nanotechnology and those who supportĀ it!”

They have also stated fears about what they call “nano-cyborgs.” Itsy-bitsy Lady Gagas and Beyonces running amok. Read more on this story at The Huffington Post.

Nanotech Fly.

Nanotech "sperm-sorter"