God why does TMZ hate Lindsay Lohan so much? The world may never know, but in the meantime they’re here to let us know each and every time Lindsay takes a sh*t! Today would be no different as TMZ took us deeper into the Life of Lindsay Lohan reporting that Lilo will be treated for Bipolar disorder as well as drug addiction while in the court ordered 90 day rehab.

How does TMZ get this information exactly? Medical records?

At this point I am starting to actually feel bad for Lindsay Lohan.  TMZ kicks her in the teeth each and every morning and has the girl living under an inescapable microscope. Take Lilo out of your cross hairs for a minute TMZ. You win, the girls in jail, what more do you want? Which brings up my other point lets not even overlook the huge role TMZ had in putting her in jail in the first place. Reporting every thing she did while she was on probation. Running story after story about the judge. They influenced that case there is no doubt about it. Think about that, do you know how many people would be in jail if someone reported everything they did while they were on probation? Answer: Just about all of us. This is kinda going to far even for TMZ. Whats your deal guys why does Harvey hate Lindsay Lohan? – Kid Chronic