Cudjoe Key, FL- Law enforcement officials who have been cracking down on the dangerous habit of texting while driving now have another public safety issue to sanction:  Don’t shave your pubes while driving.

Megan Mariah Barnes is shaved.

We can all thank Meghan Mariah Barnes, 37, for helping to bring this latest road hazard to light.  Evidently, Ms. Barnes, who had a date with her boyfriend in Key West, was headed southbound through the Keys and realized that she needed to shave her bikini area before her date.  Fortunately, her ex-husband, Charles Judy, was riding shotgun and was there to take the wheel while she attempted to Bic her bush from the driver’s seat when the unthinkable happened. At Mile Marker 21, Barnes’ Thunderbird slammed into a Chevy pickup carrying four people at 45 mph around 11 am when the pickup slowed to about 5 mph to make a signaled turn.  Who knew shaving your crotch behind the wheel was dangerous? Immediately following the crash, Barnes continued down the road for another 1/2 mile before trying to pull the old switcharoo by hopping in the back seat while her ex-hubby took the wheel.  At the scene, Barnes allegedly stated to police that it was Judy who had been driving but the burns from the passenger-side airbag on Judy’s chest poked holes in her story. The driver’s side airbag did not deploy so Barnes did not suffer these airbag types of burns, but allegedly sustained only a mild degree of razor-burn. Even worse for Barnes is that police soon discovered that she had been convicted of a DUI with a prior and driving with a suspended license in an Upper Keys court just the day before.  Police in Cudjoe promptly arrested Barnes, charging her with driving with a revoked license, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and driving without insurance.  If convicted, Barnes faces a 1-year max jail term since the crash was a violation of her probation.  Judy was not charged and the passengers of the Chevy pickup were treated for minor injuries and released. Police did not reveal the name of the boyfriend Barnes was traveling to visit though it is likely now that he will not get to see Barnes’ pubes until her first conjugal visit.  Do they sell razors in commissary?