dwm_tatRoses and coy fish and arrows and script and crosses and tear drops and feathers and the Mary mother of god and Chinese characters and diamonds and stars and celtic things and pin-ups and skulls and majestic eagles.

What is the most popular tattoo in America? If it’s the most popular, that means it’s the best, right? The best tattoo in America! What’s the best tattoo in America? Well, maybe it’s the majestic eagle. Yeah maybe it is, but my eagle is way better than your eagle! An excellent counterpoint: the best, most popular tattoo in America may be a singular tattoo somewhere in the sea of cornfield country. One singular undulating under arm – swinging in the breeze, flashing all it’s inky glory. This one tattoo of a winged ear of corn saddled atop a wild neon bronco may be the finest example in America. Even if there are eleven more scattered across the corn belt, this one is the best.

We’re straying… What is the best, most popular tattoo in America? Bets are coming in on roses, hail Mary mother of gods, and celtic crosses. The issue here is when pooling resources best equipped to conclude the answer, we’re compiling mixed results. Subjectivity, folks. Some say the watercolor butterfly, while others route for the mystical dragons and rosary beads. Silly sinners.

One of the wonderful characteristics of popular tattooing, is the amalgamation of the traditional and the trendy. Swallows and anchors beside minimalist arrows and double exposure silhouettes. Unless a national index exists, cataloguing the artwork of every tattoo that walks out of every shop in America, then we may be at a stalemate. This would involve not only the individual charting of each independent tattoo, but ultimately the collaborative input of every inked design charted and collected on a national level every single day of the year for the past century. A massive database of inky epidermis.