Hey guys! If you are looking for an electric wheelchair I definitely recommend purchasing the IntelliChair.

The IntelliChair is lightweight, portable, fold-able, and fast! Also, they provide you with the best quality at the lowest possible price! My favorite thing about the IntelliChair is how it comes in several different colors to choose from.

Our electric motorized wheelchair comes in two different models such as the IntelliChair which is our base model and the IntelliChair XL.
The difference between them is that the IntelliChair XL features heavy duty large wheels to cover more challenging terrain and has a more sturdier frame. This is what our manufactures had to say about their wheelchairs:

“No matter which IntelliChair you choose, it is guaranteed to change your life for the better. Not only will you have a full days worth of electric power at your finger tips every day. You will also have a comfortable, sturdy, and powerful wheelchair that can tackle just about any terrain you can find. With IntelliChair, you and your traveling companions will enjoy a new found ease of travel due to its lightweight and fold-able smart design. The IntelliChair puts the power of a traditional motorized wheelchair into a modern, portable, smart chair. Making it one of the most sought after wheelchairs on the market today. Don’t wait to change your life, join the IntelliChair smart wheelchair family today!”

 Check out the video below to see for yourself how amazing these motorized wheelchairs really are! If you are interested in buying an IntelliChair or want to visit our website then CLICK HERE!