[Video above is from Voodoo Zip Line at the Rio]

The Best Extreme Thrill Rides in Las Vegas Nevada aka Sin City!!!

5. Big Shot

Hotel: The Stratosphere [Hotel Link]

Price: $15.00

About the Ride: Insanity is your typical sling shot ride, however it sits almost 1,000 feet up in the air on top of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino in Las Veags, so it has some breathtaking views of downtown Sin City. The ride sling shots you straight up into the air, and then back again at an astonishing four G’s, which they claim is the most G’s of any thrill ride in Las Vegas. The ride is really cool and at $15 is a good value, however it’s not different from any of the other sling shot rides you may have ridden in the past except for the views, which are definitely good at times, but it’s not like your dangling over the edge of the hotel roof, like some of the other Las Vegas thrill rides on our list. [Ride Link]


4. Insanity 

Hotel: The Stratosphere [Hotel Link]

Price: $15.00

About the Ride: Insanity is a really cool ride and at only $15.00 it is also a good value. The ride is your basic spin you in a circle, till you feel like you going to puke ride. But what makes it really cool, is that at top speed it opens up and spins you off the side of the Stratosphere facing straight down at over three G’s. Since I’m in my 30’s now I usually avoid spin rides, because I don’t see the point in getting dizzy for entertainment. However this Las Vegas spin ride is definitely worth checking out. After all, where else except Las Vegas, are they going to let you hang off the side of a building for entertainment right? [Ride Link]


3. Sky Jump

Hotel: The Stratosphere [Hotel Link]

Price: $119.99

About the Ride: The Sky Jump is really cool, but it’s not to be compared to real bungee jumping in any way. The ride is basically a giant winch tethered straight to your back, then you are also tethered to two cables on either side of you. The two cables on your sides, create a sort of straight down zip line for you to follow to the bottom, while the winch that’s tethered directly to your back controls your fall. So you are in no way free-falling, in fact the winch slows you down to about 25 miles an hour. Which is actually kinda cool, because of the tension on your back you can lean forward during the fall, and it’s the closest feeling to flying I have ever felt. However because of the tension and the fact your are totally strapped into a suit and these two side cables, you feel very stable and secure, not at all like your free-falling. Also 25 mph it’s not fast by thrill rides speeds. So even though I thought this would be the scariest ride in Las Vegas when I set out to write this review. After riding it, I can report that it was actually one of the most tame and secure feeling rides I rode this trip. However it does take some balls to step off the side of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, if you can manage that, the rest of the fall to the bottom is a cake walk. Also I don’t know if the picture package is worth it, the suit makes you look like a complete freaking idiot, and I think they tied me up so my junk would stick out on purpose. The girls who run the ride kept laughing at me, after I got the my pics from them at the end, I knew why. See the photo at the bottom of this post and try not to laugh your ass off… I actually feel slightly sexually assaulted and will be going to a few counseling sessions, before I let anyone strap me into a harness again! [Ride Link]


2.The Big Apple Coaster

Hotel: New York, New York [Hotel Link]

Price: $14.00

About the Ride: At $14.00 the Big Apple Coaster also previously called the Manhattan Express is the best deal on the list. It is also an awesome roller coaster! The Big Apple Coaster not only features steep drops, loops, twists, and barrel rolls, it’s also an amazingly smooth ride. You would think because of its location (on top of a Las Vegas casino), it would be a little bit more timid than a traditional amusement park coaster, but that’s not the case at all. The Big Apple Coaster is a real deal roller coaster and a lot of fun, especially if your really drunk, just ask my lawyer who was with me! That’s why it’s ranked all the way up at number two, on our list of Las Vegas thrill rides. The Big Apple Coaster is definitely drunk lawyer approved! The only downside is you have to walk through the dumpy New York, New York Hotel and Casino to get to it. Trust me when I tell you the cool exterior of that casino does not match its interior, which desperately needs a multimillion dollar make over. [Ride Link]


1. Voodoo Zip Line

Hotel: The Rio [Hotel Link]

Price: $27.49

About the Ride: Awww Yeaaaa folks this is the ride of all rides, the King of Las Vegas thrill rides, an adrenaline junkies dream, the one and only Voodoo Zip Line! This ride is completely insane as you can see from my terrified picture below. The rides start over 80 stories in the air on the roof of the Rio Hotel and Casino, which consequently also has to have the absolute best view in all of Las Vegas. Once on top of the building the Voodoo Zip Line staff escorts you to the edge of the roof, where they have a safety booth set up. Inside the booth feels quite safe, and you can easily get into the Zip Line chair which has room to seat two people comfortably. Once sitting you are secured in the Zip Line chair with two different seat-belts for safety. After you’re secured in the seat, the operators zip you all the way over the roof of the Rio’s other building at incredible speeds! The ride is honestly scary as hell because you are ridiculously high in the air, and the only thing holding you into the Zip Line seat, is a seat-belt! After you finally reach the other building, the ride operators pull you back slowly to the top of the Rio tower where your trip originally started. Which is actually nice because it gives you a second to catch your breath. However it also means, you spend quite a lot of time dangling from a wire between two sky scrapers in the middle of the desert! As far as adrenaline goes, you can’t beat the Voodoo Zip Line, I was honestly stoked all day after riding the Zip Line fairly early in the morning.

If you’re in Las Vegas and you only have time for one of these amazing thrill rides in your schedule, then I highly suggest you hightail it over to the Rio and ride the Voodoo Zip Line! It’s number one on our list of top Las Vegas thrill rides for a reason folks, it’s one amazing ride!!!¬† [Ride Link]

Patrick Zarrelli aka Kid Chronic riding the vooDoo Zip Line in Las Vegas Nevada

Sky Jump at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas Nevada