Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson was one of seven people trapped in an elevator at an affordable housing complex co-developed by Alonzo Mourning’s non-profit Wednesday in Miami.

Carson, along with Miami-Dade County Public Housing Director Michael Liu and five others, were rescued by the Miami Fire and Police Departments. All are safe.

Carson was in the Overtown neighborhood to tour the Courtside Family Apartments, which Mourning’s AM Affordable Housing co-developed with Miami’s Housing Trust Group, according to the Miami Herald. The $22.8 million facility opened in September.

Mourning, a former NBA star who played most of his 15-year career with the Miami Heat, was supposed to meet Carson at the complex at 8 a.m., but since he was 15 minutes late, Liu decided to start to tour without him. Liu engaged Carson in a game of foosball and showed him the complex’s basketball court.

As Mourning was arriving, Carson, Liu and company took the elevator to the roof. That part went fine. But once the elevator arrived back on the ground floor, the doors didn’t open.  It took about 20 minutes to get them out.

Mourning was apologetic. No worries, Carson assured him, tweeting out some kinds words to the former NBA star.