becks get ten grand hooker

So-so soccer player and media darling David Beckham has been busted cheating on his former pop star wife Posh Spice. The steamy story was first dished by In Touch Weekly after the call girl, Irma Nici, came forward and did an interview with the magazine. In the sit down, Nici claims that Beckham paid her $10,000 for one night of forbidden love. She then went on to say that the two partook in about an hour of foreplay before having sex for about 15 minutes. When asked about the quality of the intercourse, Nici said, it was “nothing freaky” and rated the soccer star a 7.5 out of 10 in the sack. Beckham and Posh’s public relations camp vehemently denies the affair, saying “Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it.”

becks sues tabloid

David Beckham has sued In Touch Weekly over the $10,000-a-night hooker story they reported earlier this week. Sources close to the suit will not say how much it is for, but they do say that the hooker in question, Irma Nici, has been named in the suit as well.

second hooker comes forward

“We were supposed to do a girl-on-girl scene, but I was a bit nervous because I’m always a nervous wreck. But then Irma took over,” said the second call girl. The article went on to say that the second call girl had sex with Beckham for three to four minutes before Nici took over. “He felt more comfortable with Irma,” the woman said. “Irma is very outgoing and very bubbly.” Both prostitutes’ claims were then backed up by infamous New York City madam Kristin Davis who said she arranged the date for the soccer star. You may remember Mrs. Davis as the Madam who supplied the escort (Ashley Alexandra Dupré) to former NY State Governor Elliot Spitzer.

becks explodes on a fan about the hooker

David Beckham explodes on a post game fan, after the fan heckled him for getting a prostitute. The explosion caused a Youtube sensation that has garnered the soccer superstar even more questionable press. His holier-than-thou image has definitely been called into question after this scandal has linked his previously pious and revered name with lewd and lacivious sex acts!