Beaver's Giant Vagina Terrorizes Small Town in Minnesota

The good people of sleepy old Bemidji, Minnesota (population 13,000), are up in arms over the giant Beaver with a pussy painted on it, on public display in their town.

It all started when a local art initiative gave a handful of local artists giant beaver statues, and told them to paint them for public display. All the artist took different approaches some rustic, some natural, some with Indian symbols, but Miss Deborah Davis’s interpretation most certainly took the cake. She called it “Geae” and dedicated it to the “celebration of womanhood”. Miss Davis painted her giant beaver in rainbow colors, complete with a large anatomically correct vagina on the front of it. As if that wasn’t enough, the giant Vagina appeared to have roses and butterfly wings coming out of it. Well at least we know she’s fresh!

Gaea’s huge rosy vag caused such a stir in Bemidji that the City Council held an impromptu meeting and had Gaea removed from public display. Miss Davis (obviously infuriated that her work had been taken down) complained to the Council. Claiming that her painting was not at all of the holiest of holys, but in fact, was just a painting of simple hands raised to God in prayer. Sure Miss Davis, I know a Vagina when I see one and that my friend is it! Not to mention the name “celebration of womanhood” c’mon are you kidding me? My only question is, why lie and say it’s not what it is, just to get it back on display? Fight for your art Miss Davis, be a true artist, fight for your right to paint large rainbow vaginas on giant sculptures of tiny woodland creatures. It’s your right to free expression, Team Chronic’s got your back! Since the controversy Gaea has pulled a Sarah Palin and started her own Facebook page to push her agenda. So if you feel the need to be friends with a giant rainbow colored Beaver with a pussy painted on it, here’s the link – Rainbow colored pussy painted beaver named Gaea