Taylor Steele is an award-winning director/producer, who has dominated the surf film industry for over a decade.

As director/photographer/producer of nearly 20 genre-defining surf movies, including classic titles like “Momentum” and “Shelter and Campaign”, his leading role on the” Sipping Jetstreams” film is all too clear. As an industry guru, he masters all facets of production: the director, the direction and the direct connection to stunning surf visuals.

Steele’s films have won awards at the Surfer Poll (“The Show”), X-Dance (“Shelter”, “Sipping Jetstreams”), and the ESPN Action Sports Award (“Hallowed Ground”). His talents have also garnered him a Billboard Nomination for his work on music videos. He has been named among surfing’s 25 Most Powerful People a

nd 10 Most Influential People and continues to work in a hands-on manner on all elements of his projects, from operating cameras and driving vehicles to organizing crew members and scouting locations. In 2007, he released the highly anticipated Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, Joel Parkinson profile film, “Trilogy”, and in 2008, he released the high-performance film “Stranger than Fiction”.
For 2009, he completed a Rob Machado travel profile, “The Drifter”, as well as producing “Drive Thru”, Kai Neville’s Modern Collective and “Days of Strange”. His work can be found at www.poorspecimen.tv.