Yes, you read that correctly.

Baywatch the movie is based on the late eighties and nineties hit television series that highlighted the Los Angles County Lifeguards as they patrolled the beaches of L.A!

You might have heard of David Hasselhoff or Pamela Anderson who were a few of the stars on the show! The opening scene where each character was introduced, running in slow mo will forever be burned into my childhood memories!

Flash forward to 2017! The Rock and Zac Efron bring an updated version of the cult classic.

Although they depict lifeguards in California, did you know that they filmed a majority of the movie on the beaches of Hollywood, Florida? Bet you didn’t know that did ya!

Making this into a movie does sound a bit cheesy but once again I was surprised by the trailer. Just a good old action flick on the beach with babes in bikinis and some dudes without their shirts off for the ladies!