In an unusual (but fitting for Halloween) incident, a bat that flew into San Antonio’s AT&T Center during the first period of the NBA’s Halloween game forced refs to stop play between the Spurs and the Sacramento Kings twice. Officials and event staff tried using everything from a towel to a net to catch the elusive flying mammal; these efforts came to naught. Players from both teams dodged the bat as it flew haphazardly across the court. Finally, after two attempts to catch the flying beastie, San Antonio guard Manu Ginobli smacked the bat out of the air, allowing the game to continue (but only after Center sound engineers played the “Batman” theme in tribute to the Argentine Ginobli). The Spurs then got back to play, delivering the Kings a 113-94 loss. Afterwards, teammate Tony Parker, who led the Spurs with 24 points and seven assists, said: “That was amazing. The legend continues with Manu. Unbelievable. He’s always doing crazy stuff.” Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was also filled with praise for Ginobli. “The drummer that he marches to sometimes is a little bit different,” Popovich said. “He never ceases to amaze me and he just did it again. The legend grows. It’s incredible on Halloween night. You would call someone a liar if they told you that story.” After handing the bat to someone courtside, Ginobli was treated to applause and accolades from both teammates and his Kings opponents, then was given some hand sanitizer before resuming play. There was no comment on the incident forthcoming from the original Caped Crusader, or his spokesman, billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne. [mappress]