Let me take the time to introduce you to the potential next governor of Tennesee, Basil Marceaux.  A local TV station gave each candidate from the major parties two minutes to explain their platforms.  They were chosen by a random drawing and this guy won so they let him speak…

LOL..  LOL LOL L. O. Louddddd. I can’t believe this guy. Was that Wild Steve’s long lost uncle? How did this guy even get into the race for governor? What offices has he held? I liked his idea for planting grass in all the vacant lots so they can sell it for gas…but then he wants to remove all traffic lights. Hahah…


Carry a gun, but if you kill someone, you get murdered and go to jail…  I guess that gives the term, guilty before proven innocent theory some understanding..

Recently he was asked to leave the debate where he refused to Pledge the Allegiance because the flag had a gold fringe on it…

Wait what?  Forget the sausage factory idea.. Your a cop? Let me get this straight.. You protect society?  By what? Taking anyone who looks Mexican of Latino to the border and if they have a green card they can stay, but if not they get chained to the fence? Aren’t you going to need cheap labor for your sausage factory?  Can’t put out a premium product if the costs are too high..

“In addition to contending that Native Americans came from Asia and Greece and saying he would do away with Thanksgiving, Marceaux.com said he would round up everyone who looked Mexican and send them south of the border.” ~ Source – A.P. – Washington Post..

“VOTE FOR ME AND IF I WIN I WILL IMMUNE YOU FROM ALL STATE CRIMES FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE! (Except violating a citizen rights this would be a special punishment ) Making Tennessee the first state in the United States to actually listen to the U.S.and state Constitution ,and all cities charters. Because the last republican form of government which was 1866 thought they would rather have 50 murders on the street than one constitutional violator, now in 2008 all office holders break their oath the next day.”

And to instill in the hearts of voters you would like to say what you think is important.. Sort of your beliefs, I take it??  I got these off your website.. I hope you don’t mind..


a. School violents
b. Add reading of the minutes to the U.S.Congress mandatory
c. Get more of the lottery money to 1-12

2.Equal Health care
a. a free gift program
b. take a look at and redo all mandtory insurance programs
c. See why dental is not in most plans a tooth aches hurt more than a back aches and no teeths depresses people

3.Citzens Safety+Citizens Constitution Rights

4.Improving Our Environment


6.Open doors more for Tn.food manufactures – Better Sausage

7.My plan will give the state free gas for all governmental cars and trucks

8.Make the U.S. Flag in all state buildings and court fly right. if you fly a U.S.Flag you will fly it right

All I can say is wow.. You went viral by being Americas biggest idiot.. Good thing you have your own company, because once your stardom dies off and you get like no votes at all,  you are gonna need it…  This is precisely why I am a Democrat…