Tribal tattoos, unknown chinese lettering and flowers wrapping around the girls hips.  Yes boys, tramp stamps.  As in Wedding Crashers when Vince Vaughn states “tattoo on the lower back; might as well be a bullseye”.  A popular tattoo for young women in the 90’s, now lingers on their back sides to this day while they serve chicken finger baskets at the local waterfront diner.

The fact it’s called “a tramp stamp” right there is a girls way of declaring she is okay with the fact of having being called a tramp.  It purely doesn’t make sence for a girl to get that bold of a statement (above her ass) and then try to dispute what strip club “she does or doesn’t work at”.

So, last night I’m with a couple friends and we go to Rokbar in Miami Beach and there is a girl I know who recently got one of the famed markings.  My guy friend Doug was heckling her about it, saying “I bet you can’t wait to show it off, properly” and she actually got offended.  The stunned reaction about being called a tramp, from a girl who just got a tramp stamp above her ass was complete poetry.  That’s like these girls trying to command respect at a Harvard debate.  (Although, Jenna Jameson DID participate in a Harvard debate on The Great Pornography Debate in 2003 and won 201 to 11). 

(But maybe it was just because she has big tits and she was in a room full of virgins?  Who the hell knows.)

So that got me thinking, if a women gets a tramp stamp of any kind, she’s pretty much branded.  But what about the crazier tramp stamp tattoos?  The ones where it sounded like TEH BE5T 1DEA 3VAR when you were 8 piña colada deep with your hair festively braided in corn rows while vacationing in Jamaica.  Or the time the love of your life (4 months and strong!) asks you to put his name on your lower back after tripping on acid.  Sometimes in life, shit happens; but let’s not get a tattoo to remember it.