In the last season of the Bachelor, Rachel Lindsay was close to finding love with Nick Vail but at last she lost out to Vanessa Grimaldi. Viewers though seemed to fall in love with the beautiful bachelorette from Texas and at last she became the new Bachelorette! Lindsay who is an attorney will meet 31 single men during the show’s premiere next week on Wednesday on ABC!

According to ABC several of the men have already made huge impressions on the Bachelorette including, male model Brady who brings a sledgehammer to “break the ice,” a construction sales rep Matt who wears a penguin costume (weird) and Blake E., an aspiring drummer who fans first met during “After the Final Rose,” enlists a marching band to impress Lindsay!

There are also a couple of surprises (Spoiler Alert) a high school crush who admits to having a “lifelong fascination” with the Bachelorette.

Lindsay is also the first African-American bachelorette to star on the show’s franchise. Earlier this year she told ABC that the designation was an honor.

“I just hope that people rally behind me like they did in Nick’s season…just realize that my journey is just trying to find love,” she said in an interview with “Good Morning America.” “Even though I’m an African-American woman, it’s no different from any other ‘Bachelorette.'”

The new Bachelorette will premiere on May 22nd at 9 pm ET! Get ready Bachelor nation!


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