On Monday night Rachel Lindsay, the first black Bachelorette, choose Bryan Abasolo, a chiropractor from Miami and the couple became engaged at the end of the finale. Viewers were disappointed in Rachel’s choice, seeing as it was obvious that her heart really was with Peter Kraus, the business owner. Peter was also very much in love with Rachel, however, he was also very realistic about the whole thing and wanted to wait to get engaged to Rachel after they were off the show and living in the real world and not under the fantasy of the Bachelorette show. Rachel on the other hand was very adamant that she wanted a proposal at the final rose ceremony, so many are wondering, did the Bachelorette settle for Bryan because she knew he would get down on one knee?

Rachel says that she choose Bryan because she liked that he knew what he wanted, the suave Miami native was the first to kiss the Bachelorette and also the first to get a rose on the first week on the show. Now viewers will have to wait and see if they couple actually make it through in the real world, with no vacations in exotic places and the reality of life hitting them in the face. Rachel is a lawyer from Dallas and Bryan a chiropractor in Miami, so where will the couple end up living?

As for Peter, his heart is broken but will ABC mend his broken heart by making him the next Bachelor or will Dean the four runner-up, and a fan favorite have another chance at love?

Thankfully we won’t be without Bachelor Nation episodes for long as Bachelor in Paradise starts on Monday August 14th, thank god, what would be do without the drama and our guilty pleasures!