First off I wanna thank the Chronicle and Craig at Revolution Live for the tickets to see B.o.B. Although we did not have media access due to email issues and missed messages, I was extremely happy to see this show for FREE!

The opening acts were MayDay, Playboy Tre, and Yelawolf. I had not heard much from these acts before, but I have to say, everyone of them did their shit up to the fullest.

Miami’s Own MayDay was the first group on the bill. They killed it! MayDay had two dudes rapping back and forth. They had a drummer and a conga player who was completely acting a fool. They also had two keyboard players who also played guitar and bass. They did a short set but got the crowd more than warmed up.

Next to the stage was GA’s own, Playboy Tre. He had a nice flow and the crowd was into his set as well. Playboy Tre is coming up as he seems to be a B.o.B. protege. He has been in the game for a minute, ghost writing for a lot of big name rappers. He doesn’t have many videos, but he is on a BRAND NEW one along with T.I. and B.o.B. Check it out!

After, Playboy Tre finishes his set, a very intriguing rapper took the stage. This whiteboy (and 1/2 Native American) went by the name Yelawolf. He is from Alabama and came out on stage with long hair that looked like Trent Reznor in the ‘Head Like a Hole’ video. He wore a red hoodie that he took off to reveal he was tatted up all over. He is also already on a major as he is signed to Interscope Records. He had a real dark sound with a serious flow. I had no idea who he was, but after seeing him perform I knew this guy was going to be big. Once I looked him up online to write this, I saw he has had collabos with Slim Thug, Juelz Santana, Big Boi and Paul Wall. He has gone on record saying he really wanted to do a track with Eminem and that they are due to record for his CD. (That would be incredible!!) Yelawolf did his hits, ‘Pop the Trunk’, ‘Mixin’ Up the Medicine’ and ‘Box Chevy’. Trust me when I tell you that Yelawolf is on his way to being big in hip hop. Being backed by super producer Jim Jonsin (who was in attendance) can only help his ascent to greatness!!!

Then it was time for B.o.B. to take the stage. He had a full band with back up singers and dancers. I want to first start off by saying that this guy is a serious talent. If you are tired of typical bullshit hip hop going on right now, B.o.B. is a breath of fresh air. His CD is a classic already, and every rapper out now has gone on record saying how tight it is. They are all listening to B.o.B. At the show, he kept the audience crunked up and interacted with the crowd. He threw out a hat and a pair of Adidas. He had a great set! He played guitar on several tracks, and in addition to his musical abilities, he was also talented in the dance department. As he is no stranger to the art of rhythm, he footed it all over the stage while rapping and singing. He did ‘Past My Shades’; ‘Don’t Let me Fall’; ‘The Kids’; ‘I’ll Be in the Sky’ and ‘Magic’. He teased the audience by “closing” with ‘Nothin’ On You’. The curtains came down and everyone was holding their breathe for an encore.

The encore came! B.o.B. came back out and ripped ‘Airplanes’ and the crowd was so thankful for it. He even did one more encore track. It was a great show. Revolution Live is a great place for a cool general admission atmosphere. It really is an intimate setting that makes the whole show more personal.


A thank you once again go out to Craig at Revolution Live!

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