Ayanah Langsett is a chemistry expert Florida who shared with us that she is about to make a major career change in her life. For over 10 years, she has been teaching chemistry and now she is about to conquer the field of pharmaceutical sales.

What makes a good teacher? First and foremost, a good teacher knows the subject they are teaching. This sounds obvious; yet it is not always practiced. If the person’s job to teach chemistry, it means he must know chemistry. And not just some amount of knowledge required to pass a final exam in high school. The person must really understand the science of chemistry.

Well, Ayanah Langsett not only know the science of chemistry through and through; she stays in touch constantly. Ayanah knows all the latest breakthroughs that affect us in real life.

Ayanah shared with us one of the most exciting news in the pharmaceutical industry, successful testing of the anti-platelet drug PZ-128 in human studies. This drug is crucial in treating patients with coronary artery disease.

For many years, cloridogel was used for treating patients with coronary artery disease. But some of the drawbacks of this treatment is that it had a slow onset and was irreversible. PZ-128 allows for rapid inhibition of platelet aggregation, and what’s most important the effect was reversible. Platelet function was fully restored within 24 hours in the study of this drug.

Mrs Langsett said that the drug will be now tested in phase II study on patients with acute coronary disease before it will be allowed by FDA into marketing.

Ayanah Langsett is a perfect example of a teacher who is constantly learning and re-learning, every year, every month, every week, to stay on top of things in science and in pharmaceutical industry. This makes us confident that she will succeed in pharmaceuticals as she did in teaching.