Ayanah Langsett told us about her exciting career change and a major event in the pharmaceutical industry. Why does Ayanah know something about pharmaceutical news? Because she is an accomplished chemistry expert who spent ten years teaching chemistry and is now switching to pharmaceutical field.

Only a brave woman can make such a radical change in the middle of her life. And Ayanah Langsett is no chicken. She is one of a few women who have passion for aviation and scuba diving. Both hobbies are dangerous and require a great amount of bravery. And this is even more amazing that both these hobbies are pertinent to a woman.

They say that teaching is inseparable from learning. A great teacher will learn about his subject every year, every month, every week if you will. Well, Ayanah Langsett stays on top of things throughout her entire career. That’s why when we asked her about current new in her field, her eyes lit up and started sharing stories with us, one of which we felt we must share with you.

Makers of OxyContin and Risperdal, including such giants as Johnson & Jonson and Purdue Pharma, are about to pay $39.5 million to the state of Kentucky  to settle the case against them.

It turns out that both companies concealed some crucial information from consumers about some dangerous side effects that those cause. Riperdal should not be administered to children as it causes infertility and hormonal imbalance in males if they take it as children. Johnson & Johnson did not reveal this information to FDA; and this makes this drug illegal for therapeutic use for children.

Many male patients who took this painkiller as children suffered from gynecomastia – a condition of abnormal breast overgrowth in males. Johnson & Johnson is required to pay $15 million according to the settlement agreement for failing to inform about side effects.

Purdue Pharma will pay $24 million over similar claims involving the painkiller OxyContin. It turns out that OxyContin causes addiction because it contains opioids.

We wish Ayanah Langsett all the best in her new career and hope she will be as good a pharmacist as she was a teacher.