This year brought a bunch of unfortunate news. The beginning of the decade marked the tension and beginnings of a new World War. As well as the highest amount of land burned in the Australia bushfires in a long time. It was a travesty to the ecosystem. Millions and quite possibly billions of animals were killed in these bushfires. However, as all will burn and turn towards the ground, new life will sprout from the ashes. Australia is looking to be regaining its beauty if only a fraction at a time.


Life Grows Through the Ashes


Every year, Australia goes through some devastating bushfires. Due to the climate, a small spark or intense heat could cause some type of fire to begin. Once this gets going, there is a lot of arid grasslands and trees these fires can catch on. These bushfires ignite the land and spread just like wildfires. However, recent rains have brought a cease to the fire season and life is springing up once again. Famous actor, Russell Crowe, posted a picture of his land on Instagram to showcase the change before and after the rain. Even though fire season is far from over, its nice to see life springing up again.



Bushfires Are Far from Over?


Unfortunately, the fire season still has a few months for areas such as Victoria. In fact, fires are still going on there despite the best efforts from the communities. On the other hand, much of Australia is getting hit by intense tropical storms. With hail the size of marbles striking down and damaging everything in their wake. Australia definitely sees some crazy sporadic weather, but this year has been one for the books. If you need an idea of about how much land has been burned, then think of this. A land capacity similar to the state of New York. Could you imagine an entire state being incinerated by fire?