For a more efficient and healthy lifestyle, explore the new and exciting therapies of kinesiology at Athletes’ Competitive Edge. With over 30 years of professional experience as a nationally certified sports therapist and performance consultant, Norman Eshleman has perfected a new craft in wellness. In just minutes, manage and erase emotional stress using kinesiology to verify the problems and the effected changes; this therapy improves attitude and outlook on life, and it has been demonstrated to have a major impact on the removal of anger, depression and other negative emotions that impede one’s happiness and efficiency.

Using the new and awe-inspiring techniques of kinesiology, such as cranial-structural integration and right/left brain syncronization, this break through therapy has been shown to be extremely helpful for physically challenged infants, children and adults, and its rapid and positive results have blown away those who have benefited from the practice.

Kinesiology, along with active assistive stretching therapy, restores muscle balance, function, and efficiency. It improves soft tissue elasticity and eliminates deep fascia restrictions, which often cause painful conditions. This practice increases blood and oxygen supply to the musculature, resulting in a lighter healthier feeling.

These combinations of kinesiology therapies improve confidence, strength, balance, and coordination; it removes and manages stress effectively for people of all ages, improving their peace of mind and their functional efficiency in life. These therapies will also improve the quality of life for the physically impaired or the professional athlete, therapist or medical professional. This hands-on therapy, coupled with cutting edge technology results in quantum performance in the workplace, factory, office or home, thereby enhancing the health and wellness of everyone — both young and old. This is an integrated approach to bring out the athlete in everyone!

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