Trolling Reddit I found this heart warming miscarriage cake. You really gotta give it to this guy Fred. He seems like such a good guy. I mean so thoughtful. What better way to celebrate a miscarriage than with cake. It’s funny though. I can see Ashley getting really pissed about this gesture, regardless of how sincere Fred’s intentions were. Perhaps it went a little like this.

Fred: Ash, it’s true our baby is now in Heaven. But I know how much of a sweet tooth you have, so I got you this cake to take your mind off of the baby that we will never know.

Ashley: F*ck you, Fred. First of all, the baby wasn’t even yours. And I don’t even like cake. I told you a million times I prefer pie!

A few other points I feel that need to be made. First, I hope Fred frosted the writing himself, because if he paid someone at a bakery to do so, they blew it. I mean can’t you fit the “you” in without writing all over the flowers? Second, if you notice (although it is slightly cut off) Ashley is celebrating a miscarriage AND her 22nd birthday. WOOHOO!! And finally, where in God’s name did they get that fetus cake decoration??? I mean really, folks? Gross!!!