Ashton Kutcher is a father and recently had a new son with fellow actress Mila. The two have been married for a few years and seem deeply in love. E! Newsreveals that Ashton Kutcher may have accidentally revealed his sons name to Kelly on her show “Live! With Kelly” a talk show that is in the morning and has a girl talk about random and senseless stuff the majority of the time. While on the show Ashton whispered the name to Kelly. As he was whispering people thought he may have let it slip to the audience because his microphone was on.

The stage director on the side said that he cut the mics so that the name wouldn’t slip out to which Ashton was very relieved. “I thought it was over!” Ashton exclaimed when he thought he accidentally said the name out loud.  Ashton had already accidentally said the sex of the baby on another interview so we know he is not good at keeping secrets.