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Tommy V grew up in the Palm Beaches and currently works out of Royal Palm Beach. He is a detailed and creative fine young artist that has been practicing art since he was very young. He was in his first art show in the 5th grade. His family realized that he had a talent and the following year he was enrolled in the Middle School of the Arts. Art then became homework and assignments for Tommy, instead of fun and expressive. Those days he was very rebellious so he decided to give up art for a while, but never completely. He began writing graffiti more and more, and started to run with the LMA crew. After a while he began to realize again that he really did love art, painting and drawing. Tommy V states, “I believe if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life, and I hate work! So I have been trying to make my dream a reality. The hardest part is struggling with money and trying to be a successful artist while working, going to school, and paying bills. Everything costs money from advertisement, to entering shows/contests, booths at art fairs, and of course art supplies. Also, shady/flaky people tend to let you down and stick you with costs in this industry coming up. But, I also believe the harder you struggle, the bigger the payoff will be. I really enjoy doing portraits and playing with colors. I would describe my style as classic art mixed with urban street art.”

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Wise words from such a young artist. It sounds like Tommy V has his head screwed on straight now and I know we will all look forward to seeing more of him and his art as he progresses through his prosperous career.




Lets see what Tommy V had to say in his interview:


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1. What motivates and inspires your ideas for your unique and creative works?

I am motivated by happiness. I strive to do what I love and to just be happy. I believe if I was a well-paid artist, I would be so happy with my life. So I try to take steps toward that goal every day. I am inspired by music that I listen to, and movies and characters that impact my life now, or in the past. I am also inspired by my LMA brothers every day. They are always coming up with the craziest, new and mind blowing styles.


2. What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Never give up. Never listen when people tell you, you can’t do it or that will never sell.


3. What keeps you going and what’s next for you?

My dream of one day doing what I love and getting paid for it keeps me going. The people that have more confidence than I do in myself that I will “make it” keeps me going. The motivation and support I receive from my girlfriend, is next to none, that keeps me going. Also, my art will be featured in a gallery in Delray hopefully in Sept of 2015. It’s called “The Arts Garage” 180 NE 1st St, Delray Beach, FL 33444.





4. Where did you get the idea and motivation to start painting in the first place?

I always drew but, I guess I started painting in the 5th grade when an art teacher put a brush in my hand. But I really wasn’t very good at it. I really started painting and loving art when I decided to take an art class at PBSC around 2009. I signed up for drawing 1, and luck was on my side because I got the dean of art as my teacher. He approached me after about a week or two, and told me I had such a great talent. This was the moment that changed everything for me. I began to take art very seriously and started painting every night.


5. Who is your current famous fan base and how large are you in the art world?

No big deal, but Jesus is my number 1 fan. That’s the only name I gotta drop.


6. What awards have you received?

None yet.



7. What charities are you currently working with or do you plan starting your own one day?

I have not made any money with my artwork. If I did, I would donate to an animal charity.


8. Have you accomplished your goals yet and if not what else is still on that list?

I have not accomplished any of my goals yet, but I have plenty of time for that. I hope to have my own exhibition within the next year.


9. What artists have inspired you?

Ralph Steadman, The whole LMA team, Jackson Pollock and many more.


10. Where do you escape to daydream and gain creativity?

I actually escape and daydream and come up with most of my concepts working or in school. An idea will just hit me like a brick while I’m doing a boring task.

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Enjoy Tommy’s Talents!


All the best,


Josh Leidolf