Hell yeah, I play fantasy football! It’s still considered gambling even though it’s gambling lite. I mean real men put big money down on┬áthree team “teasers”. I have been there and done that. So now as I have a family and can no longer be a degenerate gambler, I turn to my other gambling love. FANTASY FOOTBALL.

It is very simple; you get 12 geeks together. Each throws in 100 bucks for the winner at the end. Each draft individual players to create a roster. The stats that those players get, give you points. You go head to head with another team. Whoever players get more points wins the matchup. Pretty Simple!

I have been playing fantasy football since I was a freshman in high school, so I like to think I know what I am talking about when it comes to this subject. I have always fielded only one team a season (not five like some psychos). I have won four titles, which made me $4,000 richer. So you can feel safe on doing EXACTLY what I tell you to do. I will be giving fantasy advice, tips and just ranting about whatever….In other words, follow my advice and you will WIN YOUR LEAGUE….(I get 10% of all winnings).

Thursday Night Results

QB’s – Drew Brees (14.8 pts) had a mediocre game at best. His 237 yds and 1 TD are not what you want from your juggernaut QB. He was rusty and will bounce back in a major way. Nothing to be concerned with. Brett Favre (10.8 pts)…time to get scared. No Sidney Rice means no one to throw to. Nobody got open. He looked to be walking gingerly and wasn’t even hit much. I love Brett, but this will be his last season, and he may not even make it through.

RB’s – Reggie Bush (7.2 pts) had all his action early and then disappeared. 33 yds receiving and 15 rushing sucks. Pierre Thomas (16.1 pts) looked great. He is personal favorite of mine as I won with him last year. He had 71 rush / 15 rcv and a TD. All that was basically in the second half. If this guy had a full load in a season he would be dangerous. Then you have Adrian Peterson. Like Drew Brees, AP disappointed. He got (11.6) and had 87 yds rushing and only 3 catches for 14 yds. Not what you want from the number 2 overall pick. No reason to be scared, but AP has hurt you in week one.

WR’s – I won’t waste time with all the stats, but the WR’s for the Saints is gonna be an issue just because Brees spreads the ball around TOO MUCH. Devery Henderson had the only TD, but only two catches. Colston didn’t even have 10 pts. Keep an eye on this. It seems that it will take huge days from Brees for the WR’s to enjoy the same success. Every week a different guy is gonna lead the Saints. The WR’s on the Vikes were awful. CUT Bernard Berrian now. He muffed a punt, dropped an easy pass early and had one catch for 3 yds. Percy Harvin did shit too. Not time to panic yet, but he needs to get more into the action. There is a chance that ex-Dolphin Greg Camarillo can make his way into the mix. We will see.

TE’s – Neither Saints TE (Jeremy Shockey or Dave Thomas) is worth owning. Thomas has become a preferred target over Shockey anyways. Vikes TE Visanthe Shiancoe (15.6 pts) had a MONSTER. He ha 4-76 yds and a TD. He is clearly the favorite target.

Defense – Neither had big fantasy days, and neither looked all that bad from an NFL standpoint. However this is fantasy and the 2 pts. the Vikes got sucks. The Saints did manage the standard 9 pts. one can be content with.