This guy Antoine is not really dumb, he’s not really dumb…for real! He keeps extending his Ultra-MEME status! Now he is appearing in an ad for They are a fast growing background check / people search site. The folks at have released an app for iPhones and Androids called the “Sex Offender Tracker”. Antoine does his whole schtick, using all of his catch phrases and funny deliveries.

The sh*tty part is that the ad is totally misleading. It shows the app having the ability to scan people in front of the phone and determine if they are sex offenders. The clip shows the phone doing this AND Antoine is explaining it in terms that it tracks in that manner. What it actually does is show the addresses of the offenders that are registered in whatever particular area you are in. That same info is available for free on the net.

Bottom line, you aren’t going to use this app at a park and have it point out the pedophiles on the playground.

How much do you think this company paid Antoine for this spot??