Listen,  the other day Treez featured news on the Cali judge overturning the gay marriage ban.  Kudos to that..  Only now, there are viral’s popping up all over the net about it… I tell yah,  what did we ever do without Youtube? Oh yah, thats right, we wrote to Congress, we lobbied, we protested in the streets.. But now.. Now we have this guy, ReligeousReidBaer. (youtube page)

Listen pal,  first of all, brush your teeth, i can smell the McDonald’s you ate for lunch.. And also, you are ugly. No one cares.. What the hell kind of sunglasses are those?  I see you like to shop at Wallgreens, which means you either no class, no money, or you are just too busy worring about everyone else that you have no sense of fashion… No, scratch that..   I think you took the time to go get the glasses just for this video because you are too afraid to show your eyes..

I wonder how long it took you to write up this little skit.  I can tell it isn’t sketch… You definetely took the time to reference Sodom and Gomorrah, which as everyone knows is God’s wrath upon homeosexuality.. But did you know that in opposition to S&G there were worse cities than Sodom…  That in the bible, Jesus declares certain cities more damnable than Sodom and Gomorrah, due to their response to Jesus’ disciples, in the light of greater grace..  That he felt sorry for them?  That he was wrong?  That I’m not wearing any underwear?

WHO CARES!  Let the people be.. Doesn’t your video promote madness?  I just hate arrogant asses like this that always quote the bible and have no idea what they are talking about…  Oh, btw, I love how at the end you stare at the screen like you are a news reporter waiting for the camera to fade out.. Guess what dude?  You have no friends… ! You did this in your room by yourself.. You are the type of guy to vacation by himself and buy a stupid hat or tee shirt with the name of the place you went.. Just so you can brag..  You are going to die a lonely man, with no friends….  I hope you survive cancer only to be hit by a bus leaving the doctors office……

Oh yah..  Here is your latest post on The Youtube Generation being stupid…   Well, what does that make you?  Direct quote @ 3:08 ..     “The Youtube generation is stupid.”

Authors note : Please go to this guys Youtube page to see all of the comments made towards his beliefs.. Its an eye opener….. ..