We humans are just not going to be satisfied until we completely ruin the Gulf of Mexico. I don’t know why we hate it so much, but we do. You would think after the last spill we would have cut out drilling in the Gulf, giving the area at least a small chance to recover. Nope, that would make too much sense. Instead we continued on drilling in the Gulf with a “business as usual attitude” and everyone knows what happens when you repeat the same behavior. You get the same result. So in fitting fashion, another oil rig blew up in the Gulf this morning. The explosion sent the 13 man crew plummeting into the water, where they were later picked up by an oil company boat. Left in the aftermath was a mile long oil plume about 100 feet wide and a massive fire. The oil rig continues to burn, but fire fighting vessels are attempting to get the blaze under control. The rig is owned by Mariner Energy, and there is no word yet on what caused the explosion.