Igor Olshansky is a former Miami Dolphins defensive tackle who was recently busted for rolling a marijuana cigarette. Arrested with about 300 other people, ‘Operation Cold Turkey,’ seemed to be dubbed a success. On a two-day splurge these 200 officers invaded the streets in an attempt to “STOP CRIME.” Personally, the part of this story that is really BS is the fact that a Nova High School teacher gave up his 37 plants when cops knocked at the door, to try to alleviate some stress on his charges. Now on administrative leave, this man who was solely growing for self-indulgence, will probably no longer be able to teach again! Loved by the students and faculty, it is unjust that Mr. Redmond might have just lost all chances of coaching Varsity sports, an aspiration he had worked hard towards. However, a teacher who gets a DUI is able to get rehired? What an unfair world it is!  [MiamiHerald]