So a couple months ago we posted a video of Ray Allen elbowing Anderson Varejao in the junk (see the 16 second mark on the top video). Guy doesn’t even flinch. Just walks around with his hand in the “That didn’t hurt” position and taunts Ray Allen to give him some more lovin. I couldn’t believe what would usually make a man fall to his knees in agony, didn’t even phase him. Which brings me to last night’s game, where, once again, Celtics deliver a blow to suspected vagina man. Sure he flinched because he was caught off guard, but still no lingering effects. Like, at least grab your package in agony, or take a knee. Shoot man, maybe he should go through one of those new scanners at the airport. We need some verification that he is still eligible for the NBA ovah here. Oh yeah, and Rondo, not only did you get that triple double last night, but you are now the most hilarious man in the world. I know you put cross hairs right on that man box. You read my first post and wanted to see for yourself, didn’t you? What do you think readers? Vag or no?

~ Chef