A very risky stunt indeed as the people of California and now the nation are outraged by the latest corporate stunt in San Fransisco bay this past weekend. In an apparent air show stunt performed by a United Boeing 747, the pilot maneuvered the plane approximately 1/4 of a mile above the bridges highest point at a 60 degree bank going 220 miles per hour.  Leaving the crowd and others around them, “Scared for their lives,” says Mark Fadson of the San Fransico Bay area. “We were just having a nice relaxing day when we heard this large growl, and before we knew it, there was a huge jet liner heading straight for us. We thought it was a terrorist attack. It came with no warning, whatsoever.”

Well Mark, you arent alone. I myself am just outraged. First of all you have this huge fucking plane that as we all know can go down anytime from engine failure, loose parts, etc. and endangering spectators and citizens all around for miles. But then, then you have the possibility of knocking out one of America’s greatest achievements in engineering, The Golden Gate Bridge. Lastly, you have about 1/3 of the crowd wondering if this is part of the Air Shows program, or is it another terrorist attack.

For Christs sake. I’m pissed. Just pissed at the stupidity of others right now. Also, at this guy Chris McGinnis who apparently thought it was “Quiet a day,” and “Doesnt understand what all the fuss is about becuase nothing happened.”

Well, what if something did happen. Another huge investigation wasting more time and money that America already doesn’t have?

Apparently, this guy Chris McGinnis said it was amazing.. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. This just doesn’t seem like it should have been FAA approved…

Link to Chris’ Blog

I was out on the San Francisco Bay with thousands of others for the Blue Angels show on Saturday. What a day!

Part of the show included a low-level flyover by a giant United Airlines Boeing 747.

I thought it looked pretty cool. But I heard some grumbling among the crowd I was with about it. When I posted some shots and video (below) on my Facebook page, a minor scuffle broke out between some friends who liked it, others who said it reminded them of 9/11, and a vet who was appalled at the invasion of corporate sponsorship into a military show.

Personally, it did not bother me much. Since I’m a window-seat sorta frequent flyer, I would have loved to have been on board peering out at the Golden Gate at such close range. Wow!

What about you? I’d like to get your reaction to seeing this big bird fly over the bay.

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