Let’s be rational for a minute here. Let’s also incorporate some math equations, and some responsible, adult-like reasoning. Here goes…

If we’ve got a buddy who kicks back give-or-take a casual three beers every night, that’s 21 some odd beers consumed per week, which is about 84 beers every month. Not accounting for weekends, when our “buddy” might spread it on a little heavy, we’ll stick with the daily median of a simple one-quarter-dozen per day, and maybe round up to an even 90 hoppy beverages consumed per month.

Now, we take those 90 beers per month, and we multiply it by the number of months in the Gregorian calendar – we get 1,080 beers per year.

What is the sloppy point of all this stupid math? Well, what if you could purchase your entire year of beer in one simple, consolidated transaction? If you live in, around, or near Finland, you can do just that.

Finnish brewery Keisari recently released a “1,000 pack” of its lager for purchase as one single, saleable item. We were hoping they’d be offering wholesale prices for this fortress of beer. But Finland says “No”. According to Food&Wine, the “1000-päkki” is selling for the thirst-thromping price of “of 2,149.20 Euros – the equivalent of about $2,343… or well over $2 per beer”.

Hey, maybe its got a whopping alcohol percentage. Maybe instead of three beers a night, our “buddy” only needs one-and-a-half. Maybe it’s a high-octane hop-rocket, that sends you into orbit as you reach to pour your second. Alas, no, it is not paint-thinner. The “Keisari Lager” contains a middling 4.5% ABV, according to Beer Advocate.

So, I guess if you already drink Keisari Lager, and you love it like a limb, then this is a great buy for you. Otherwise, your budget for bulk refrigeration and forklifting significantly increased for what a Genny Cream Ale could get you at a fraction.