According to a new study by Archives of Sexual Behavior, Americans are having less sex than they did in the 90’s, partially due to partially due to higher numbers of unpartnered individuals, who tend to have sex less often than their married counterparts.

Drops in sexual frequency were noted across gender, race, region, educational level and work status, but sex among people who are married or living with significant others declined while remaining steady among singles.

“American adults had sex about seven times per year less often in the early 2010s (vs. the early 1990s) and about nine times a year less often than in the late 1990s,” the paper reads. “As recently as 2002, the average adult American had sex approximately 64 times a year, but by 2014 that declined to about 53 times a year.”

“While those in their 20s had sex more than 80 times per year, this declined to about 60 times a year by 45 and 20 times a year by 65,” according to the study. “For each year of age after the peak in sexual frequency at 25, participants reported having sex 1.18 fewer times per year. Put another way, individuals over age 25 have sex 96.8 percent as often as the previous year (so with each year of age after 25, the number of sex acts per year declined by 3.2 percent.)”

“In addition, those with steady partners are having less sex frequently,” the study reads. “The decline in sexual frequency thus appears to be rooted in twin trends: Americans with steady partners are both fewer in number and have sex less often.”

One would think with online dating such as Tinder and Bumble single people would be having a lot more sex than this study reveals.