America, an obituary.
Equality through low quality.

Barack Obama succeeded in doing what so many others have tried to do; he has destroyed much of the good aspects of the United States of America. His health care bill is an expansion of the welfare nanny state with all of its perverse incentives.

Our brightest and best will no longer wish to become doctors and nurses due to this bill and the quality and response time of health care in the U.S., which has attracted so many Canadians and other foreigners to our facilities, will decline. The very wealthy will seek and pay for quality care and be able to afford what they need to. Obama and members of congress, their families, and other government workers will skip the waiting lines and get appointments and high quality services anytime they like. Everyone else will suffer low quality in the name of equality.

When people start paying the taxes levied on the pharmaceutical companies that will be passed on, they will know what just happened here. When the medical supply companies pass their new taxes on to the consumers, people will then realize that they will be paying the real costs of this disaster. Premiums will rise due to the lack of lifetime limits and lack of exclusions.

Companies with fewer than the magic number of fifty employees, which means you, have to offer insurance or pay fines; they will not look to hire people and start to fire current employees so that they can avoid the fines and mandates. If I had a company with 51 employees, I would rather discharge two people than be subject to the scrutiny and control of the federal government. Obama and the democrats have just succeeded in making offering someone a job a liability by adding a much greater expense to a company.

Additionally, the expansion of subsidies to those who earn 88,200 for a family of four will make upward mobility less desirable. The expansion of Medicaid to many who can already afford insurance is a deliberate way to destroy private companies by shrinking the available pool of customers who would normally purchase health insurance. This will hasten the day where single payer, which Obama declared he preferred, will become a reality when the minority of people who are unsubsidized cannot afford the rising premiums.

The next step on Obama’s agenda will be to give amnesty and voting rights to illegal immigrants. They will be bribed with all sorts of welfare and other subsidies so that they will vote for those who are so generous with other people’s hard earned money.

This is a deliberate expansion of the welfare state with perverse disincentives for those who want to better themselves through hard work and effort. We have a country where it is becoming more comfortable to be unemployed and receive benefits like Medicaid, housing subsidies, and food stamps than to work. Permanent unemployment status has now become a rational career choice and the big problem is that unlike social security and Medicare recipients, those who do not work and receive government subsidies and welfare reproduce. This is not a health care bill; it is an obituary for America.