A few days back we posted the UCLA Smokeshow who disgraced her Alma Mater by making exceedingly racist and poignant remarks about Asians in her schools library. She has since taken the video down and appearntly has left the school and gone into hiding for fear of her life.  Below is a cliping from the Ny Daily News this morning.  Now what I do feel for her is remorse.  For her impatience and the way that she dealt with her disease.  I can understand where she is coming from, however she is sick and needs help in dealing with her shortcomings.[pullquote]UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, an expert on the 1st Amendment, said the campus was wise to back off. “This woman expressed her opinion, an offensive opinion to be sure,” but did not advocate violence or harass anyone, he said.[/pullquote]I spent three years in Boston, okay…   I attended some classes at Boston University.  While on that campus I did notice at times, very large groups of Asian American students either attending classes or workshops.  In no way am I agreeing with her.  But I do understand how a teenager like herself can conjure the ability to express her personal feeling of resentment towards large populations of another race.  She feels nothing here belongs to them. There are large amounts of Asians attending our colleges.  But there are also Hispanic, Latino, African American, Indian, European and Caucasian all in the same.  The problem that Ms. Wallace is suffering from is an absolute deficiency of taste and class.  She lacks the fundamental knowledge that this country was built and founded on opportunity for any human being on the planet earth. That all men are created equal.  This country, Ms. Wallace, is not just yours.

Many have also made comments stating that there has to be some videos out there making fun of her disposition as a “valley girl.”  Noting that videos make fun of their kind all the time.  Well, those are satire videos.  This may be a gray area for you, but there is certainly a fine line between satire and racism. A rant can go to far, just like Michael Richards comedy routine, pushing the envelope a little to far. She pushed that envelope all the way through..

NYDailyNews.com – Alexandra Wallace, a UCLA student who created a video making fun of Asians, said she’ll leave the university after her family received death threats.

“I made a mistake. My mistake, however, has lead to the harassment of my family, the publishing of my personal information, death threats, and being ostracized from an entire community. Accordingly, for personal safety reasons, I have chosen to no longer attend classes at UCLA,” she wrote in a letter to the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student newspaper.

The video, which surfaced earlier this month, went viral after the blonde junior posted it on YouTube. In it, she describes Asian students in the library and imitated one saying “Ohhh. Ching chong ling long ting tong.”

The junior political science major removed the video after it received more than a million views and apologized through the campus newspaper and Facebook.

Even in your public statement you still stubbornly stick up for your actions. Justifying them by saying you are in danger and thats why you are removing yourself from the UCLA community.  Making yourself out to be the victim , of course. This is a complete farce. You are removing yourself from the public because there is not one chance in Hell that you could ever look another person in the eye again. I feel so sorry for you… You need help you… Even a good ol fashioned Web Redemption couldn’t save you from this mess.

Below is the original video