Controversially but Oh-so Passionately "in love"

On The Bachelor:  After the Final Rose, America, shocked and slightly disappointed watched Jake face Tennely once more.  Tennely asked what was missing between them.  Again, Jake revealed that he did not share the levels of passion with her that he did with Vienna. Perhaps Tennely does not understand sex appeal and how important passionate “fireworks” sex is to a relationship, let alone a marraige. In her defense, Tennely has only been with one man her whole life.

Jake and Vienna later appeared in public for the first time after the season finale, and, yes, he and Vienna…still happy…still engaged are moving to Dallas to restore some “normalcy” to their lives.

While America agrees that Vienna was not the best choice for Jake, he assures that, as a mate,  he knows her: her motives, her values, and loves it all!  Bachelors and Bachelorettes do not have the greatest track records for staying with the contestants they chose on the show (presently only two couples are still together), and, unfortunately, the same will most likely hold true too for Jake and Vienna.

However, as the new couple both agreed, sometimes the fireworks, passionate, can’t-keep-their-hands-off each-other attraction can overpower a boring and wholly emotional bond. (I mean, how many men do you know that love the “inner” bond they have with their wives, but complain about their wives being “too tired” when it comes to giving it up).  My final thought:  A marriage needs a strong emotional bond laced with the playful, but oh-so-serious fireworks of sexual attraction that Jake and Vienna share: quite possibly the ingredients to a happy marriage.