This year of football brought so many surprises within the AFC. With Lamar Jackson breaking all kinds of records and showing a whole new level of football. To that same very team being upset by the Tennessee Titans. Also, Patrick Mahomes was injured earlier this year which doesn’t seem to be bothering him as much in the post-season. Regardless, the AFC Championship game brought the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans together. What looked like the beginning of another upset, led to the eventual triumph for the Chiefs.


Chiefs in the Post-Season


After what feels like another short year of football, the final games of the year are here. As you would hope, they haven’t been disappointing either. The Chiefs have been making what looks like a handicapping statement. In all of their playoff games thus far they started out with a losing score. In fact, in their playoff game against the Houston Texans, they completed the fourth largest comeback in playoff history. Also, the largest comeback in the entire Kansas City Chief’s franchise. What looked to be an easy win for the Texans with an outstanding 24-point lead, turned into Patrick Mahomes’ time to shine. In outstanding fashion, Mahomes led the team for 321 passing yards and five touchdowns after their early deficit. After this win only one team stood in their way to reach the Superbowl!


Chiefs and Titans


This years AFC championship game brought two contenders that you don’t see often. The Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs. This marked the first Championship game the Titans have seen in almost 20 years. Derek Henry lead their rushing offense to amazing numbers this year. However, Patrick Mahomes is still a gunslinger. Once again, the Chiefs were in an early deficit. However, not enough for the Titans to comfortably make it into the Superbowl though. Mahomes did it again. Fired pass after pass to move the ball down the field quickly. He ended the game with 446 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Superbowl awaits.