Adam Sandler has enjoyed success in the entertainment industry as an actor, writer, producer and musician. Sandler’s films include “Bedtime Stories,” “I Now Pronounce You Check & Larry,” “Grown Ups,” “Jack and Jill” and “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan.” He has also starred opposite Don Cheadle in “Reign Over Me,” with Kate Beckinsale in “Click” and alongside Chris Rock and Burt Reynolds in “The Longest Yard.” Sandler’s other movies include James L. Brooks’ “Spanglish,” “50 First Dates,” “Anger Management” and “Punch-Drunk Love,” for which he received a Golden Globe nomination. He can also be seen in Judd Apatow’s “Funny People.”

Born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Manchester, NH, Sandler’s first brush with comedy came at age 17, with a performance at a Boston comedy club. From then on he was hooked, performing regularly in comedy clubs throughout the state, while earning a degree in Fine Arts from New York University.