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Welcome to the official Video God website. : ) about us: Video God is a viral video website consisting of mostly funny and awesome videos from around the web. The website is designed and operated by tech CEO Patrick Zarrelli and his team at the Print Killer Media Network. Popular categories on Video God include News, Sports, Politics, Wins, Fails, Interviews, and of course Heavenly Babes. The website’s adverts are from a combination of in-house advertisers as well as an assortment of ads from top-tier online advertising brokers. Video God offers great videos, as well as funny and sharp commentary for advertisers to place clickable banner ads on. comments: Video God is a free speech enthusiast and we happily publish opposing view points to our own and comments that oppose our work. Our general rule of thumb is that as long as you are not maliciously attacking another person in our comments then we will publish it. Just about the only other thing that will get your comments deleted are excessive swearing or nudity in them. In short as long as your comments are valid and not abusive we will be happy to post them to bloggers: Video God writers are an assortment of news junkies and video DJ’s from around the country and occasional out of the country too. All of our writers are paid for their articles, and write at their own leisure. Thus it is not uncommon to see one writer with multiple articles in a row on the Video God news feed. The article block simply represents a period of time, when that writer had time to sit down and write a few articles or post a few videos to the website. Our writers are also blogging editor free and often in real-time so it is not uncommon to catch the occasional grammatical error. If you point one out we will be happy to fix it. : ) terms of service: Video God is a Print Killer Media Network website thus we use the same Terms of Service that apply to all Print Killer Media Network websites as well as online and mobile website, services, and applications. It is important to us here at Video God that you, and our other visitors, have the best possible time while using the Site and that when you use this Site you are fully aware of your respective legal rights and obligations. For that reason, we have created these Terms of Use as the legally binding terms to govern your use of this Site. Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Site, because they affect your legal rights and obligations. See Print Killer Media Network’s full Terms of Service here. online advertising: If you would like to advertise on then we would love to have you! We have very reasonable pricing, great stats, and many advertising options. Including everything from banner ads, links, advertorials, and even press releases. We can also help you with your website if you need some web design or custom coding help. When it comes to online marketing Video God does it right! Contact  us today for a free online marketing plan for your company or brand. At Video God we have plans for all size budgets and companies even charitable organizations!

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