There is a spot, in downtown Fort Lauderdale where magic happens. This magic is not what you think though; it’s magic on your body and spiritual being. Smoker Family Park is used by a dream team of fitness professionals who spend countless hours and days working and molding the fine people of South Florida into tip top shape, developing muscles and their core and focusing on providing a better sense of living for all who choose to attend. When you’re in a gym, you’re always focused and looking at the same things over and over, but when you bring fitness outdoors, that’s when people start to open their eyes a little more and notice things they haven’t before. It always feels better to be running along the water, seeing beautiful mango trees blossom, and small animals cross your path rather than running around a repetitive track, seeing the same weight machines, and smelling the same smell over and over again.

Working out amongst nature has a calming, serene sense to it, and when you open up your lungs to get air in, you’re taking in all you can with the crisp air provided for you, rather than the stagnant moldy air of the gym. Our dream team focuses on delivering quality controlled exercises that provide you with tips and knowledge to continue it yourself so you can remain healthy and in shape and not live a sedentary lifestyle. We give the option to choose how much our students can handle, and if they can’t we offer variations for them to do, so they are still continuing to better themselves. Our team delivers the absolute best routines overall, focusing on your core, stability, strength, and power while helping fix muscle imbalances and improving techniques and posture.

Smoker Park, in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, is set up in the best way possible to utilize every square inch of acreage for our fitness goals and techniques. Our clients, thus far, have absolutely loved the park, the routines, and the settings, along with continuing to spread the word to friends and family about how great we are as a team and the things we do to help South Florida’s overall wellness. The clientele that have been coming to this park have been of all ages, sizes, and all different athletic abilities. We are focused mainly on getting South Florida fit and staying healthy, keeping them moving and active. Our goal and mission overall is to get everyone to lead a better lifestyle.


As a past college soccer player I joined Josh’s class hoping to get in better physical shape and increase my athletic endurance. I now play in recreational soccer leagues on the side and work a full-time job, so without time for personal training or an expensive gym membership I decided to give this a try. The results have been beyond my expectations; not only have I lost some weight, but I’ve increased my strength, explosive power, muscular endurance, developed more speed, toned up, and the best part is how good I feel. There is no routine in this class, there’s always something new, we’re always working different muscles. The conditioning, plyometrics, agility drills, strength training, flexibility exercises, which are all done correctly and at your own pace at a high level of intensity, which means you’ll notice the results much faster than any gym or personal training. Come to this class and be prepared to break a sweat, feel healthier, meet people, be energized and most importantly HAVE FUN!                Nicolas Velasquez

Upcoming Events:

“Take a walk on the wild side with the most glamorous divas this side of FABULOUS! Join thousands in the STRUT that will once again make fashionista history while raising gobs of cash for breast cancer research.” Glam-A Thon is back and looking for donations Total Wellness Professionals has a Team South Florida’s Finest. Here are the dates and times are to be announced. Total Wellness Professionals will have a special event who ever joined our Team South Florida Finest on September 21, 2010 along with a crazy Pink Fire Truck not to be missed. To join our team please goes to the website registration team Florida Finest.

October 7, 2010 – Lipstick Lounge at the W Hotel, Fort Lauderdale Beach

October 14, 2010 – Queen’s Tea-tini – Timpano Chop House, Las Olas Boulevard

October 16, 2010 – Glam Doll Strut® -Esplanade Park, Downtown Fort Lauderdale

October 16, 2010 – America’s Backyard Post Party & Crowning the 2010 Queen

October 16, 2010 – Late Nite at Pier 66 – Hyatt Pier 66, 17th Street Causeway

Thank you for all your support and hope to see you there.