We cut hair too!

When most of us go to get our hair cut we are usually subjected to the standard 2006 Sports Illustrated or a copy of Vogue magazine that has been out of style since Seinfeld left the airwaves.  Well, the VIP Barbershop had a vision for change and that was sadly brought to a screeching halt by local law enforcement earlier this week.

It seems that two barbers, David Fronseca, 25, and Norman Irizarry, took it upon themselves to serve up a little more than your everyday fade.  While cutting an undercover informants hair, Fronseca, pulled out a bag of weed and sold it to him right there on the spot.  By the way, VIP Barbershop is located less than 200 feet away from a middle school in Oakland Park.  Looks to me like the boys at VIP were just trying to give a little lesson on “street smarts” when school got out for the day.  Police seized 17 bags of green, 3 pipes, and a joint in the raid.  Charges include possession and intent to sell marijuana within 1000 feet of a school.  In a related story, VIP Barbershop profits show a 200 percent increase, and I need a haircut.