Everyone knows that living in South Florida, “Sin City II”, there are many ways to get in trouble, and even worse, get arrested.  The very first thing you need to be concerned with after you have been handcuffed, placed into a squad car and taken to jail is…HOW AM I GETTING OUT?!?! Well, you are going to need a bail bondsman. This is the ONLY way you are going to get out. That is where A Aabbott and Cathy Bail Bonds comes in.

A Aabbott and Cathy Bailbonds is not your run of the mill bondsman company. After being in business for over 20 years, there is a certain integrity that is developed. And in an industry that is filled with “criminals” (those being bonded out), government red tape and shady characters, Catherine Crespo stands out. “We are professional, dependable and trustworthy, and when someone had been arrested and is going through that situation, those three things are most important.”

These guys run a professional and clean office. They have a friendly and accommodating staff. Cathy is “on call” twenty-four hours-a-day and seven-days-a-week. No charges are to small.  State and even Federal cases are handled.  Catherine knows that not everybody is in the same tax bracket, so flexibility with collateral and payment options are always available.  The office is located at 1101 S. Andrews Avenue, blocks away from the courthouse and from the Broward County Jail. If you’re in it deep, call the professionals at 954.463.6363, so your mom won’t have to bail you out in the middle of the night…leave that to the experts!