70 lbs. confiscated for going to the wrong address!! "Someone has some splainin' to do!"

The Orlando Sentinel reported that a package containing 70 lbs. of “Chronic” was shipped to the WRONG ADDRESS! The delivery was sent to a Winter Park, Florida medical supply company. Estimates are that the weed has a street value (I love that term) of $200,000.

An employee of the company called police and reported the package. Police are actively seeking out who sent the package so they can put another person in jail for pot. They have even posted phone numbers (which I will not post) so that someone (for a reward) can rat the person out who sent the package.

Treez says: What a good Christian. You reported it to the police. You will now be let into Heaven. How about selling it and making that $200,000. If you don’t have the street acumen to do that, then have a bunch of parties with it and be the most popular person in your Church Congregation.