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GGW's Joe Francis and Florida town: up in arms

GGW's Joe Francis and Florida town: up in arms

Police in Yulee, Florida (a small town in Nassau County, just north of Jacksonville) have arrested 16 people connected to the soft-core porn franchise “Girls Gone Wild,” including seven women, on charges of indecent exposure. After receiving a tip that the “Girls Gone Wild” bus was in town, police conducted an undercover sting operation at The Mill Sports Bar & Nightclub and reportedly found men encouraging women to show their breasts on film, MyFoxOrlando reports. According to the site, police said the women were also encouraged to have their breasts spray-painted while bar patrons looked on. Several of the women were arrested for complying and exposing their breasts.

Also arrested were the night club’s owner and two others at the bar, who were charged with operating a sexually-oriented business and obscenity. Additional arrests included one man on charges of engaging in a sexual offense, another man for resisting arrest, and two for disorderly intoxication.

Looks like Joey (Francis) didn’t seen this one coming.

The women arrested (numbers 1 – 7) included:

Like many people, I’ve done my fare share of late night party favors which, although they’ve kept me up ’til 4 a.m., they’ve never blinded me. Seeing enough “Girls Gone Wild” infomercials, I’m able to identify a good set of Lewinskys when I see them. There’s nothing worse in the world then a really fat, disgusting chick who thinks she’s hot because she drank four cosmos and a shot of Jager. These girls didn’t get arrested because they were showing off their merchandise. They were arrested because they are down right disgusting! Serves ’em right. I mean, you’re sitting there having a good time with your buddies and out pops ‘Thelma and Louise’ from Contestant #4. Who does this stuff? Apparently, seven girls who all look like they go home, crank The Crow soundtrack while slashing lines into their skin with a razor blade. I mean, are we serious here? For crying out loud, the GGW motor coach shows up, and the only talent they could find were Satan’s Seven Sisters? Wow. Okay, maybe, just maybe, I want to see # 2’s neeners. But that’s it!