Last year you could literally hear Kathy Griffin’s career being flushed down the toilet the moment a picture of her holding a severed head of Donald Trump, President of the United States of America with blood dripping down the face of the fake doll head. According to Griffin, the photographer who was taking the pictures, Tyler Shields leaked the image and TMZ published the pictures, sparking an immediate backlash.

Griffin who is known for her raunchy jokes against celebrities soon found that this joke was no laughing matter. Her career which had blossomed went up in smoke within days. Sponsors dropped her, venues canceled her appearances and the worst of it all she was fired from CNN where she had been a co-host of the New Year’s Eve Special for over a decade with her “friend” Anderson Cooper.

Even though Griffin apologized for her tasteless joke it was too late and both people on the left and the right came in Donald Trump and his family’s defense.

What followed was nothing short of a nightmare Griffin recalls. She began receiving death threats while at the same time being under investigation with the FBI.

“I got a call from my lawyer, and he said the Department of Justice was putting me under federal investigation and possibly charging me with conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States,” Griffin told me by phone recently. “I thought he was kidding. He was like, ‘It’s not a joke. Lawyer up.'”

She hired civil-rights attorney Lisa Bloom who helped Griffin guide her through what she says was the worst experience of my life. The conference didn’t do much to help her career after she spoke,”I’m not afraid of Donald Trump. He’s a bully. I’ve dealt with old white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career.” She apologized for the photo but not to the president himself.

Her career continued to tumble, the Secret Service led a two-month-long investigation into whether or not the photograph constituted an actual threat to the president’s life. She was also put on the no-fly list and had to convince her elderly mother that she was not a member of ISIS.

The one thing she learned from all this was the many people who she thought were her friends go as far as pretend to not know her. Anderson Cooper who she worked with for over ten years¬†denounced the photo and Griffin herself.¬†Andy Cohen, whom Griffin had also known for more than a decade, told TMZ he didn’t know who she was.

“That was the part that was horrible,” Griffin said. Other celebrities, she notes, have said similar things about Trump but did not have their careers end in a matter of days after. But Griffin isn’t letting this get her down, the comedian got right back to work telling her manager to book her overseas since all her venues here in the US had been canceled

That was the beginning of Griffin’s Laugh Your Head Off World Tour, which, after shows in 15 countries and 23 cities across the globe, is now continuing in the United States and guess what she’s basing her tour about, non-other than the Donald himself.

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