John Oliver the host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, joined Steven Colbert on The Late Show last night and the two discussed current president Donald Trump.

Oliver started off by saying:

“Until Inauguration Day nothing was really happening,” Oliver told Stephen Colbert during an appearance on “The Late Show” Tuesday. “It was just being tied to a train track, watching the train coming. And then of course Inauguration Day is the train hitting you and you thinking, yep that felt pretty much how I thought it was going to feel.”

When Colbert asked Oliver about Bannon, Oliver said “a terrifying individual.”

Oliver also went on to say he was disheartened by the nomination of Betsy DeVos as education of secretary.

“I actually think she might and should serve as an inspiration to school kids in America because she shows that they could be secretary of education one day. In fact, not just one day — now,” he joked. “They could do it now. They’re about as well qualified now as she is. They’ve spent arguably longer in a public school.”

Colbert then went on to as him if he was worried about being deporterd as Oliver only has a green card and is not an american citizen.

“The crazy thing is it’s probably not gonna happen, but there is a nonzero chance of it happening now. So yeah, I am slightly concerned.”

Last week tonight returns to HBO this Sunday.