Sometimes you're right and sometimes you're wrong but on the good times you're the right kind of wrong!!!

Some things are right and some things are wrong, but the fun things are the right kind of wrong! South Florida, here’s your guide to 51 one things society deems wrong but the South Florida Chronicle deems sooooo right. Use this list to make sure you’re living your life to the fullest! Without further adiu I give you the South Florida Chronicle’s 2010 list of 51 things that are THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG. Use it to live by!


Skinny Dipping

One Night Stands

The Jersey Shore

Not Wearing a Bra

Road Head

Heels in Bed

Sex in your Parents Bed

Gravity Bongs

Cigarettes After Sex

John Ludwig

Lingerie Football

Smokin’ Blunts

Public Indecency

Carbs after 3pm

Underage Drinking

Dessert Before Dinner

Dirty Jokes


French Toast in the Afternoon

Going 95 in a 65

Having an Affair

Not Wearing Panties

Wakin’ and Bakin’

Wet T-Shirt Contests

Rough Sex

Playing Hookie

Drinking on the Job

Not Paying Parking Tickets

Anonymous Hate Mail

Cyber Sex

Body Shots

Sleeping With Your Friends Mom

McDonald’s Fries

The Sex Wedge

Facebook at Work

Going Out on Weeknights


Sex Addiction


Sleeping with the Boss

The 80’s

Answering the door Naked

White Lies


Picking up Chics at Church

Buying Beer for a Bum

Mercy Sex

False Flattery

Sex with Twins


Making Out with People in Front of your ex

***This list brought to you by the one and only 2d2gc, thank me next time, mofos!