An original Vincent Van Gogh painting valued at over 50 million dollars was stolen from the Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Cairo, Eygpt on Saturday,August 21. The painting is called “Poppy with Flowers” or “Vase with Flowers” and was painted by Van Gogh in 1778. The odd part is, the same exact painting was stolen from the same exact museum in 1978! The painting was later recovered and  returned to the museum, only to now be stolen again over 25 years later.

Also interesting is the lack of records of anyone being charged with the robbery after the painting was returned the first time, making some close to the case wonder if it’s possible that the same people or person could  be behind the second theft. The Minister of Culture of Eygpt, Farouk Hosni, has alerted all airports and seaports, and a full scale search is underway. This is the tenth piece of art stolen from the museum this year; maybe it’s time they called ADT, the security experts.