I have to give it to rapper 50 Cent for getting out there and making a difference! It’s so refreshing to hear these kinds of stories. Curtis Jackson, AKA 50 – has a new energy drink called Street King & is promising to donate ten cents per purchase of his next billion sales to the World Food Programme. The $.10 will provide one free meal to the hungry women and children of Somali. That’s 1 billion meals! The rapper recently flew to the Somali town of Dolo along the Ethiopian border to visit a refugee camp run by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, and stated :

“What I am seeing is devastating — these women and children have risked everything to come to this Somalia camp, just to get food,” he said, in a statement released through the WFP. “They need our help.”



Help 50 Cent and the hungry people in Somali by purchasing the energy shot here.


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