Micheal Douglas and his ex wife Diandra were in the court room today as their son Cameron was sentenced on felony drug charges. Cameron, who had plead guilty to dealing large quantities of cocaine and methamphetamine’s was arrested last year in a sting operation, where He sold a pound of Meth to an undercover agent. During the following investigation it also came out that Cameron was mailing drugs across straight lines a big time federal offense. After being arrested Cameron was put on house arrest at a swanky New York City townhouse only to screw it up. Cameron was arrested again and and this time jailed  after his girlfriend was caught trying to sneak him heroin inside an electric toothbrush. Micheal Douglas, his ex wife Diandra and his current wife Cathrine Zeta Jones all wrote letters to the judge on Camerons behalf begging for leniency. Which may have actually worked because Cameron was sentenced to only five years in prison when most thought he would get at least ten. Cameron also received a $25,000 fine, 450 hours of community service, and an additional five years in a supervised release program after he’s released.